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COUNTY(obligatory): TOWN(obligatory): CATEGORY(obligatory): MEMBERSHIP TERMS (1 YEAR MEMBERSHIP 100€): With this application form, the Corporate Member candidate declares and undertakes that >>Use Agreement<< was read and accepted. After the application form and 100€ payment are received by, membership will be activated in 7 days and Membership Code is sent to the email address in the form. Duration of membership is 12 months. is responsible for sending notification messages to the corporate member for new demands in selected category and location. I do not want notification messages for new demands
Corporate members are able to search for all demands on website. To search for financial support demands, only email address and demand ID number can be used. And corporate members can send 30 Urgent Demands for free after registration. Urgent demand packages are valid during the membership. At the end of membership, all urgent demand packages are canceled., in accordance with this application form, has the authority to send information e-mails and phone messages to the email addresses and phone numbers of registered corporate members. And sending the form means that, corporate member agreed to receive these messages from